Tarot cards have been used for centuries to help guide people in their lives and help them understand the emotional issues influencing their lives


Reiki is one of the easiest and most effective methods of natural healing. All that is needed to receive the Reiki energy is the desire to receive it.


Find out how spiritualism entered my life at 8 years old, why I believe that I was meant to travel on a spiritual path throughout my life and my beliefs
Tarot card readings for people who live in Old Trafford
long established tarot card reader in Old Trafford

Tarot card readings for people who live in Old Trafford

Cleansing and healing for the mind, body and spirit

Welcome to Spiritual Holistic, Tarot card reader for people in Old Trafford dedicated to helping you to discover more about the spiritual world and holistic treatments available

Old Trafford tarot card readings

Tarot card readings for people who live in Old Trafford

Tarot card readings for people who live in Old Trafford

You are on the website of Spiritual Holistic - Tarot cards reader in and around Old Trafford. Tarot can help you understand where you stand now, what you're hoping to achieve in your relationship and what both you and your partner are bringing to the relationship.

Tarot readings in Old Trafford

For your tarot Reading, you will need to travel from Old Trafford to my studio in Stoneclough, which is not far.

I normally charge £30 for a Tarot reading, but I am offering a discounted price of just £25 for people who contact me through my website. I also offer telephone Tarot readings at a cost of just £20; I call you at a time to suit you.

Gift Vouchers are available - please ask.

You can contact me by email - info@spiritual-holistic.co.uk - or by text or telephone - 07527 550 402 or to send me a message

Old Trafford Tarot card readings

Tarot can be used to bring insight and understanding to personal and professional situations. I can travel to your house to read Tarot cards, or you can come to me.

Old Trafford Tarot

If you are curious and want to understand more about your relationship troubles, love life failures or marital conflicts, please call me now. Working with the Tarot regularly can help you to be aware of changes in your life and to use opportunities for the better.

A Tarot card reading will allow you to solve problems, understand what fate is trying to communicate to you and improve yourself.


Please email me, letting me know when you'd like a reading, and I will do my best to accommodate you.

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